PROUD - Platforma pro rovnoprávnost, uznání a diverzitu

PROUD - Platforma pro rovnoprávnost, uznání a diverzitu

platforma pro
uznání a diverzitu

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The situation of transsexual and transgender people is quite specific, not only in the so-called sexual minorities, where they have always been outsiders, but also on a social level, or even according to the law. Sex change of transgender persons is governed by a specific law in the Czech Republic.

The law forces the persons to divorce or undergo castration/sterilization. There are also transgender people who would like to change their gender in official documents, but cannot or do not want to undergo surgical procedures.

In the Czech Republic, there are several groups for transgender people; however, none of them is much engaged in activism and intense changes of the law. Besides raising of public awareness, PROUD also deals with this topic. In 2013, we recorded a video (directed by Damian Machaj) introducing the diversity of the transgender community. You can see the video on our YouTube channel VideoPROUDem. In 2014, we are carrying a research project (funded by ILGA-Europe) related to the experience of transgender people with health care.

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