PROUD - Platforma pro rovnoprávnost, uznání a diverzitu

PROUD - Platforma pro rovnoprávnost, uznání a diverzitu

platforma pro
uznání a diverzitu

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We do not know much about the ageing of LGBT+ people and life of LGBT+ senior citizens both in their own homes and in nursing homes. Evidence from international surveys indicates that elderly LGBT+ people are more likely to be lonely, especially because they often do not have children or strong family networks to take care of them. Another finding shows that the specific experience of LGBT+ people may lead to their voluntary or forced isolation from others in the nursing home.

PROUD has decided to pay attention to this issue. First, it is necessary to explore it. Therefore, we conduct minor research projects among the elderly and organizations providing residential services. In February 2014, we held a public debate “LGBT senior citizens: Today and Tomorrow” to stimulate debate, identify the needs of senior citizens and identify, and increase awareness about this issue.

We will welcome anyone who interested in addressing this issue. We also cooperate with the Association for Queer Memory (SPQP) in this topic.

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